By Bilal Hafeez 21-01-2021
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Bearish USD Despite Biden / Bullish Case for EM Capital Flows / Dourado Transcript

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(1) Refounded US Multilateralism Unlikely to Restore Dollar Fortunes (3 min read)
President Biden’s multilateralism is unlikely to prevent further erosion of the dollar’s global reserve status, writes Dominique Dwor-Frecaut. Credible contenders are emerging.  

(Dominique Dwor-Frecaut│ 21st January, 2021)







(2) Why EM Capital Inflows Are Here to Stay (in Asia at Least) (3 min read)
Accelerating capital inflows were a key component of the strong EMFX performance through Q4 2020. Caroline Grady lays out three reasons why this will continue, particularly for Asia.  

(Caroline Grady│ 21st January, 2021)



(3) Podcast Transcript: Eli Dourado on the Key Tech Breakthroughs For the 2020s (35 min read)
We published the transcript from last week’s podcast with economist and regulatory hacker Eli Dourado. You can also listen to it here.

(Bilal Hafeez│ 21st January, 2021)




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